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Tdyn is a CFD and multiphysics environment based on the FIC/FEM method, developed and commercialised by CompassIS.

Tdyn includes different modules that allow to solve heat transfer problems in both fluid and solid domains, fluid flow including turbulence phenomena, advection of species, structural mechanics and Free Surface (NAVAL and ODDLS modules) problems using the FIC/FEM scheme mentioned above. Tdyn also includes a fully integrated module for geometry and data definition and post-processing of the analysis results based in the Custom GiD system. By using Tdyn it is also possible to configure additional user defined partial differential equations (PDE) solvers and couple the new variables with any of the other problems. Furthermore Tdyn includes a Tcl interface enabling users to enhance simulations without recourse to external compiled subroutines. Finally, ALEMESH module can be used to simulate problems where mesh deformation (i.e. body movement) may occur. The different modules of Tdyn are fully integrated and the complete environment is used as one single program.

A limited free version of Tdyn can be download from Tdyn download. Furthermore, it is possible to obtain a 1 month trial password for activating the full version at the password generator Password generator.

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