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CFD Introductions

Here are a few web-pages that contain introductions to CFD. You can also find a lot of ppt presentations and pdf documents with CFD introductions by searching on Google.
CFD-Wiki Introduction to CFD
A growing section of CFD-Wiki covering the basics of what CFD is.
Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics, by CHAM
A nice introduction to CFD by CHAM - the makers of the CFD code Phoenics. Gives a brief overview of what CFD is, what it can be used for and when it can be be trusted. The page ends with some promotion of their codes.
CFD 101, by Flow Science
Introductory texts covering many CFD topics. Editor is Dr. C. W. (Tony) Hirt, founder of Flow Science. Well written but mixed up with a lot of promotion of their code Flow3D. If you are interested in free-surface simulations you should definitely visit this site.
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Here are a few downloadable and printable CFD related books that we have found out there.
Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
An introductory CFD book by C. T. Shaw. Available in full text directly online. The book is a bit old. It was written 1992.
Numerical methods for 1D compressible flows
An interactive book by M.Manzini, A.Ticca, G.Zanetti
Lectures on Computational Fluid Dynamics
UC Berkeley E266A course notes by P. Colella and E.G. Puckett.
Numerical Recipes [GOOD]
This classical book is now available directly online in both C and Fortran versions! There is also a lot of additional information here - recommended!
Applied Computational Aerodynamics Text
An electronic version of the class notes for a course in Applied Computational Aerodynamics taught by Professor Mason at Virginia Polytech. A mix of pre-CFD stuff and CFD.
Solution Methods in Computational Fluid Dynamics
By Thomas H. Pulliam. Based on notes from a VKI lecture series in 1986.
Turbulence Models and Their Application to Complex Flows, by R. H. Nichols [GOOD]
A very nice book that contains a fairly complete overview of RANS and LES turbulence models. More than 200 pages long. Also contains chapters on wall functions and transition prediction. We just found this book, but after a quick look it seems very interesting (Jan 2012).

Book Archives

Scribd [GOOD]
This is like YouTube for books and documents. You can find a lot of full-text books here. To get an idea of what you can find here try to search for free engineering books on: computational fluid dynamics or cfd.
Google Books
You can search for: computational fluid dynamics or CFD. You can not find a lot of full-text books here.
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Best Practice Guidelines

MARNET-CFD Best Practice Guidelines for Marine Applications of CFD [GOOD]
A very good publication from MARNET-CFD. The 86-page guide covers most important areas of CFD and is a must read for anyone working with CFD. Freely available online as a pdf file. Highly recommended!
NPARC Alliance Tutorial on CFD Verification and Validation
A document put together by the people behind the Wind-US CFD code.
Best Practive Guideline for the CFD Simulation of Flows in the Urban Environment
A document published by Cost Action 732, a project funded by the European COST initiative.
NAFEMS: CFD Analysis - Guidance for Good Practice
A fairly short document published by NAFEMS. They also publish the General Guidelines for Good Convergence in Computational Fluid Dynamics which is a bit longer.
CFD-Wiki Best Practise Guidelines
A growing section of CFD-Wiki focused on creating best-practise guidelines for various applications areas.
ERCOFTAC Best Practice Guidelines
The first and still one of the best CFD best practice guidelines. Costs money, but we will link it anyway because it is good.
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Guides to Fluid-Dynamics and Aerodynamics

NASA's Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics [GOOD]
A huge site with lots of information on aerodynamics. Includes many interactive java scripts. You can also find links to other sites. This is a very nice introductory site. Highly recommended!
Videos About Fluid Dynamics [GOOD]
Don't miss these excellent classical videos about fluid dynamics. They were created by Ascher Shapiro at MIT back in 1961.
Aerodynamics for Students
A very nice web textbook on aerodynamics.
Applied Aerodynamics: A Digital Textbook
A limited demo-version is freely available. By Ilan Kroo.
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NIA CFD Seminars
Several very nice CFD seminars from the National Institute of Aerospace (NIA). If you are interested in CFD numerics then these seminars are fun to watch!
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A wiki started in 2005. The content is free and is written collaboratively by visitors of CFD Online. In early 2012 CFD-Wiki had more than 7,000 registered authors, working on more than 400 CFD articles. CFD-Wiki will hopefully become the new free ultimate online CFD reference.
The Engineering Toolbox, Fluid Mechanics
Basic information about many concepts in fluid dynamics. Also some online tools to compute things. A bit full of advertising and not always as detailed as you want. Still a resource that might have just what you want.
Wikipedia CFD Section
A growing online encyclopedia about CFD. Visitors add the content themselves. Perhaps Wikipedia will become the future standard reference for everything?!
Eric Weisstein's World of Physics [GOOD]
A wealth of reference information about physics. Also has a very complete math section. This encyclopedia of science is one of the most impressing works of a single individual that I've ever seen on the internet. Everyone working in a field related to science should have this site bookmarked. Highly recommended!
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