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Use this form to add or modify a job. Please give as complete information as possible. Fields with titles in boldface are mandatory. When you are finished with the form click on "Submit Form" below. This will submit your input to a script that will check that the data is valid and, if no error is detected, display a preview of the job record.
Job Form
Job Title
Give a short and descriptive title. You must write the title in English.
Include the department, research group or equivalent.
Geographic Location
Don't use abbreviations here!
International Yes No
Indicate if you will consider international applications. Don't specify 'No' here unless you are 100% sure that you will only accept national candidates. Saying 'No' here will decrease the number of applications you get significantly.
Closure Date
Month: Day: Year:
If no 0 closure date is given the job will remain in the database for 3 months.
Give a description of the job, skills required etc.

Plain Text Description HTML Encoded Description

You can use HTML here - just check the box in front of "HTML" above, but please be careful not to break the page layout. If you don't use HTML please avoid entering text that is wider than this window. The layout of the description will be reviewed by an editor who will add HTML codes and improve the formatting if necessary.

Contact Information
The person to send questions and applications to. If you don't want to give your real name here you can use something like 'Recruitment Manager', but then make sure that mail addressed to this name arrives to the right person!
Please give a contact email address even if you don't accept applications by email
Email Applications Yes No
Indicate if you accept email applications.
A WWW address where further information about the job or the employer can be found.
Full Mail Address
Record Data
Type of Employer Commercial Company Academic or Non-Profit Organization
Posted By (Name)
Please enter your real name. This field is not displayed unless someone tries to edit the record.
Notification Email
Where to send notifications and administrative messages about the job record. If left blank the Contact Email address is used. This field is not displayed unless someone tries to edit the record.
Record Password
Remember this! You need the password to be able to modify or delete the record.
Reenter Password

Please click on "Submit Form" when you are finished with the form.

Wait for a preview of the record after you have clicked on "Submit Form".

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