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Pictures and Movies

These days you can find pictures and movies at almost every CFD company or CFD department. Here are a few selected sites that have been around for a long time and have a lot of nice pictures and movies related to CFD.
F*** Yeah Fluid Dynamics [GOOD]
A very nice blog by Nicole Sharp focused on videos and images related to fluid dynamics.
National Committee for Fluid Mechanics Films (NCFMF) [GOOD]
Don't miss these excellent classical videos about fluid dynamics. They were created by Ascher Shapiro at MIT back in 1961.
The Colorful Fluid Mixing Gallery [GOOD]
Many nice pictures and movies of mixing processes.
Flow Visualization at
Links to artists using flow vizualisation collected by Prof. Hertzberg. Fun to see artists using your professional skills to create beatiful things.
Flow Visualization, a Course in the Physics & Art of Fluid Flow
A course held by Prof. Hertzberg at the University of Colorado. You can find many nice pictures in the galleries.
Gallery of Fluid Mechanics
Parts from an old site by Professor M. S. Cramer. You can still find some nice pictures of fluid dynamics phenomena in nature here. If you're interested in fluid dynamics you should definitely check it out. There are no CFD plots here though.
Virtual Album of Fluid Motion
More than 4 GB of pictures and movies from computations using the Featflow code.
Gallery of Turbulent Flows, CTR
Pictures and movies from the Center for Turbulence Research. Includes visualizations from DNS, LES and RANS simulations of mainly simple research flows.
ITSC Fluids Movie Archive
A few animations of classical fluid dynamics problems.
eFluid Gallery of Flow Images
Many nice pictures of fluid dynamics phenomena in nature.
CFD Search on YouTube
Lots of cool CFD related videos on YouTube!
Google search for: CFD pictures, CFD movies
You are on your own from here.
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Physics for Entertainment [GOOD]
A classical book written in 1913 by the Russian science author Yakov Perelman. This is a book for those of us who like to think about the physics around us. Read it to your child and discuss it afterwards. This is a text aimed at improving peoples physical imagination. We like it a lot.
The Science of Fluid Sims [GOOD]
A very nice feature by Mike Seymour on about how CFD methods are used in the film and entertainment industry. Includes many nice examples and videos. This is a dream application for a CFD engineer - it doesn't matter if it is correct just a long as it looks cool! You can find even more information about CFD for games in Intel's Fluid Simulation for Video Games articles.
Tacoma Narrows Bridge Failure [GOOD]
On November 7, 1940, the first Tacoma Narrows suspension bridge collapsed due to wind-induced vibrations. This site gives background information and a QuickTime move of the catastrophe. YouTube also has several nice movies of collapsing bridges, here are a few examples: Tacoma Narrows Gallopin Gertie, Russian Wobbly Bridge.
Science off the Sphere [GOOD]
Experiments made by astronaut Dr. Don Pettit while abourd the International Space Station. Several of the videos show fluid dynamics phenomena in microgravity. Fun, interesting and you might even learn something.
Paper Airplanes
Impress your kids with a paper airplane inspired by Ken Blackburn. Ken holds the world record for time aloft for paper airplanes and has written several books on the subject. This is a wonderful site with lots of details on how to make your paper planes fly better. Fun!
Fluid Simulation with Particles, a Web Based Interactive Simulation
A cool 2D interactive tool which you can control with your mouse and see how the flow develops. Fun to play with. Written by Felix Woitzel.
Recommentations to Succesfully Fail in CFD
Some fun "advice" written by T. Poinsot at Université de Toulouse.
The Lighter Side
A section with some fun pages from the UT CFD Laboratory. Here are a few selected pages that we liked:
Ode to CFD - Read and enjoy - you'll get a deeper insight into the nature of CFD.
Latest Homeland Security News - the secret Al-gebra cult :-)
Abstracts from a Dictionary of Useful Phrases - not just fun, also something true in there.
Fun in Research
Praveen C. from TIFR-CAM has collected several fun pages:
Will Wind Tunnels Replace Computers? - A science fiction story that might already be a reality. It all goes in cycles and we just happen to be living in the CFD age. Fun!
The Wine Snobs Guide To Flux Functions - or those of us who both like wine and CFD. Suddenly all connections seem so clear. Fun!
Fitted Mesh Story - A colorful short-story about everyday life inside a high-tech governmental lab. Read and enjoy.
A One-Sided View - Limericks for CFD people :-)
The Turbulent History of Fluid Mechanics.
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