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Validation Cases

Test cases and databases that can be used for model development, benchmarking or verification of codes. For a good introduction to code validation and verification see the NPARC Alliance, Tutorial on CFD Verification and Validation.
CFD-Wiki Validation and Test Cases
A growing section in CFD-Wiki with both complete cases and links to other sites with more information about validation and test cases. You can modify this yourself so please help to make corrections and add information.
ERCOFTAC Classic Collection [GOOD]
A database started in 1995. For many years this database was part of the larger NEXUS portal. NEXUS is now gone, but UMIST continues to keep this very nice database publicly available. You have to register to get access but it is free for everyone. Highly recommended!
NPARC Alliance CFD Code Validation Web Site [GOOD]
A large database of test cases used to validate the NPARC flow simulation package (WIND). The main focus is on Aerospace applications. Most cases are very well documented and some even include computational grids that you can use directly. They also invite people to submit validations using other codes. Highly recommended!
Turbulence Modeling Resource [GOOD]
Here you can find many turbulence modeling validation cases, including both simple cases and more advanced cases. All cases from the classical "Collaborative Testing of Turbulence Models" project are also available from this site. This is a very good site!
AIAA CFD Drag Prediction Workshop [GOOD]
Lots of interesting results for a wing-body test-case. You can find geometry, measurements and CFD results available online. Highly recommended!
AIAA CFD High Lift Prediction Workshop (HiLiftPW) [GOOD]
CFD validations using the NASA trapezoidal wing configuration. You can find geometries, grids and measurements available directly online.
A database put togehter by QNET-CFD, an EU funded thematic network that was active from 2000 to 2004 with the aim to enhance the quality and trust in industrial CFD. ERCOFTAC has taken over the database and developed a Wiki where you can download the data. Guidelines for the test cases are also available, which is nice. A nice industrial test-case database!
AIAA Aeroelastic Prediction Workshop [GOOD]
Three aeroelasticity benchmark cases of wind tunnel models of various wing configurations (HIRESNAS, BSCW and RSW). Geometries, meshes, experimental data and results from previous simulations are available on the website. The workshop was first held in April 2012.
MASA - Manufactured Analytical Solution Abstraction [GOOD]
A C++ library with C and Fortran90 interfaces with a collection of manufactured solutions that you can use to verify your codes. Includes both Euler and Navier-Stokes cases. Looks very interesting.
OpenFOAMWiki Search for 'Validation'"
You can find several validation cases here. Special sections on turbomachinery, turbulence, ship hydrodynamics and wind engineering.
AGARD Test Cases for the Validation of Large-Eddy Simulations of Turbulent Flows [GOOD]
A wide range of test cases focused on LES simulations. Includes a lot of data, including correlations etc. You can download and print all documentation yourself. The database was compiled by AGARD in 1997. UPM, who keeps this database online, also has a few more databases available here. Highly recommended!
DATHET - Database on Turbulent Heat Transfer [GOOD]
Many cases. Both experimental and DNS data available. Well structured and usually well documented. Some parts are in Japanese. Established by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Thermal Engineering Division.
JHU DNS Turbulence Database Cluster
DNS data from Johns Hopkins. They also have some more datasets on decaying grid turbulence and axial turbomachinery available here.
DNS Database of Turbulent Natural Convection in Horizontal Fluid Layers [GOOD]
A database provided by Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe. Well documented and available directly on the web.
DNS Databases of Turbulence and Heat Transfer, Mechanical Engineering, University of Tokyo [GOOD]
Looks very good. They also have a 3D PTV database available here.
A database with test-cases collected by the MARNET-CFD EU thematic network. MARNET-CFD focuses on the use of CFD in maritime and offshore industries.
A few test-cases focused mainly on ventilation flows.
NASA Langley Workshop on CFD Validation of Synthetic Jets and Turbulent Separation Control
Has three well described terst cases available directly online. Also keeps an updated list of references. Very nice if you are working on synthetic jets and separation control.
4th International Workshop on High-Order CFD Methods
Several test-cases suitable to evaluate high-order methods. Data from other previous workshops can be found via Prof. Z. J. Wang's homepage.
Standard Configurations for Unsteady Flow Through Vibrating Axial-Flow Turbomachine Cascades
Many test cases related to aeroelasticity in turbomachinery. The database contains 11 different two-dimensional cascade geometries and includes a lot of information about the unsteady flow around the vibrating blades. They claim that it is the most comprehensive database of its kind in the open literature.
Fourth Computational Aeroacoustics(CAA) Workshop on Benchmark Problems
Has several well documented CAA test cases. The main focus is on fan noise. EC Lyon also hosts a collection of pdf's for all previous workshops: workshop 1, workshop 2, workshop 3, workshop 4.
NAS Data Set Archive
CFD data sets provided by NASA Advanced Supercomputing Division. Intended mainly to test visualization tools etc. Distributed freely.
JFE Databank
Datasets from ASME Journal of Fluids Engineering.
Superpipe Data
Experimental data from the "Superpipe" at the Gas Dynamics Lab at Princeton. The Superpipe is a large experimental rig designed to investigate fully developed turbulent pipe flow over a large range of Reynolds numbers. A state of the art facility!

Validation Links

OpenFOAM Verification & Valiation Forum
A discussion forum on CFD Online.
eFluid List of Archival Database Sites
A nice list of links to database sites.
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For online airfoil generators see the Online Tools > Airfoil Generators section.
NACA Homepage
NACA history, publications and more.
UIUC Airfoil Data Site [GOOD]
A very large airfoil coordinate database. It is maintained regularly. Also has links to other sources of airfoil information. Highly recommended!
Wikipedia: Airfoil and NACA airfoil pages.
Growing pages with variuous information about airfoils.
The Incomplete Guide to Airfoil Usage
Ever wondered what kind of airfoil were used in a particular aircraft design? If so then this is the place to look! The site contains information about all kinds of flying vehicles (aircrafts, helicopters, tilt-rotors ..) and it is maintained by David Lednicer.
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Material Properties, Constants etc.

NASA Chemical Equilibrium with Applications (CEA) [GOOD]
CEA is a free program from NASA that calculates chemical equilibrium compositions and properties of complex mixtures. ThermoBuild can generate tables of Cp and other thermal properties. Very nice! You can easily select your material with help from the periodic table.
Thermophysical Properties of Fluid Systems, Vapor and Liquid Phase Data
Data on thermophysical properties like density, Cp, Cv, enthalpy, entropy, internal energy, speed of sound etc. for many fluids. This service is a part of the NIST Chemistry WebBook.
TPSX, Thermal Protection Systems Expert and Material Properties Database
TPSX is a database for advanced thermal protection material properties. An "unrestricted" version is available directly on the web.
Thermodynamic Properties of Air
This applet calculates thermodynamic properties of air. You can specify the state by giving the pressure and entropy, pressure and density, specific energy and density, entropy and enthalpy, or pressure and temperature. The applet can handle both SI units and British units.
Physical Properties Online Calculator
Computes properties for the following gases: air, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen and oxygen. Provided by Engineering Software as a part of their Free Online Calculators section.
Fundamental Physical Constants
Values of the basic constants and conversion factors of physics and chemistry resulting from the 2002 least-squares adjustment of the fundamental physical constants as published by CODATA at NIST.
Standard Atmosphere Computation
A JavaScript to calculate standard atmosphere data.
Astro-Physical Calculator
A JavaScript calculator with the NIST CODATA constants built in. Can handle both SI and CGS units.
NIST Standard Reference Data Products
A wide range of commercial (costs $$$) databases.
The Thermal Connection
Links to thermophyscial properties, units conversion and more.
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Glossaries / CFD Vocabulary

Combustion & Aerothermal Engineering Glossary
A glossary about terms relevant to 1d combustion and aerothermal modelling from
CFD Vocabulary
A list of about 30 common CFD terms.
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