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These are WWW sites that collect links to information related to CFD. There are very few current and complete CFD link collections available today. Frankly speaking, you will not find anything that comes close to CFD Online. If you are looking for something and you can't find it in CFD Online it is probably better to try one of the general purpose search engines like Google, Yahoo or MetaCrawler instead.
A web-portal for fluid-dynamics. Based on the old "Fluid Dynamics Links" site at Princeton. Now also includes a headlines section and an event calendar. Here is a direct link to the eFluids Links to Links section.
FYFD Resources
A links section maintained by the very successful FYFD Blog. Mainly focused on fluid visualization and education.
Fluid Dynamics, Yahoo
Not very exiting, but it is growing slowly year after year. Has links to events, projects, institutes and more. Many links are outdated though. Yahoo! isn't what it once used to be.
A small collection of high-quality CFD links. TenLinks is a very nice site which often helps you to find the ten best sites in a certain subject area. There is also a CFD community page available. Check it out.
dmoz, Computational Fluid Dynamics
A growing collection of CFD links. There is also a Fluid Mechanics and Dynamics section which might be of interest.
CFD RevOlutions
A new site with links to various CFD related resources, including tutorials.
CFD Review Links
A link collection maintained by CFD Review.
Applied CFD
Many sections on CFD, including RSS feeds of news and jobs.
Fluid Mechanics @ OneSmartClick.Com
Many good links to fluid mechanics resources, including several nice online calculators.
Internet Aerospace Links
A collection of links related to aero... - recommended! They also have a special section about Fluid & Solid Mechanics. Has been on the net since 1994 and it is worth a look. It is till updated, although a bit sporadically.
CFD Links for Ukraine and Russia
A large collection of CFD information focused on Ukraine and Russia.
CFD at Zomobo
An automatically created section on CFD at Zomobo. You can not find any original content here, it is all taken from other websites. Still an interesting summary of what they have found.
CFD Information at
Many links, also many dead links. The structure is very confusing to follow.
CFD WWW Home Pages List
A list of homepages related to CFD compiled by Robert Chong many many years ago. It is hopelessly outdated by now, but for historical reasons we'll keep the link here as long as it is working.
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