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You are just a few steps away from becoming a CFD-Wiki author. Everyone can help and we really need your help! CFD-Wiki will never be better than the content we all fill it with. So don't hesitate, become a contributing CFD-Wikian today!

How do I get started?

To make your first edit right now just:

  1. If you already have a CFD-Wiki account click 'log in' in the top right corner and login. If you have not got an account you can request one by going to Special:RequestAccount. After you have requested an account you will get an email with information about how to confirm your email address. Once your email address has been confirmed and administrator has to manually approve your account. Once your account has been approved you will get an email with a temporary password. Extensive spam registrations have forced us to have this manual account approval. We apologize about this.
  2. Once logged in find a page which you would like to contribute to or find an undocumented subject which you would like to add.
  3. To start a new page write its name in the search box and then click 'create this page'. For already existing pages first go to it and then click the 'edit' link above.
  4. Add something (see below or the wish list for ideas). See the editing quick-reference page to learn a few basic editing commands. For further information check out CFD-Wiki's format and style guide and content policies. If you have any questions post them on the CFD-Wiki forum.
  5. Click 'save page' to save your writing (or 'show preview' to see a preview of the page)

What can I do?

Here are a few ideas on things you could do:

  1. Whenever you see something in CFD-Wiki which can be improved or corrected, do so!
  2. Write an article on something that you are familiar with. It doesn't have to be the most recent trend in CFD. All contributions are valuable. Check the wish list for ideas on things to do. Here are a few examples on things that need improvements:
    1. Write something about basic fluid dynamics in the fluid dynamics section
    2. Document a validation case in the test case section
    3. Describe a turbulence model in the turbulence modeling section
    4. The numerics section needs a lot of additions.
  3. Proof-read and improve articles on subjects which you are familiar with
  4. Write stubs. A stub is a short article which invites others to improve it.
  5. Look for stub articles and see if you can expand one of them.
  6. Donate texts to the CFD-Wiki. If you have written internal reports etc. that are free from copyrights you can donate them to the CFD-Wiki. For information on how to do this see donate texts.
  7. See if you can find a donated text which you can re-work into one or more full-featured Wiki articles.
  8. Help improve the navigational features of the Wiki by making appropriate cross-links, category menus etc.
  9. Categorise pages into appropriate categories and mark short unfinished articles as stubs.
  10. Do a literature search for the most well-known benchmark and validation cases within your area of expertise. Then write to the original owners of the validation data and ask for their permission to upload their data to the Wiki and release it under a free GFDL license (see CFD-Wiki:Copyrights).
  11. If you frequent the CFD-Online forums, be on the lookout for questions/issues that come up over and over again - and then add to the appropriate FAQ article.

How do I learn more Wiki stuff?

  1. Read the help section
  2. Ask on the Wiki discussion forum
  3. Read the Wiki FAQ

"Ask not what CFD-Wiki can do for you; ask what you can do for CFD-Wiki" -- Loosely from John F. Kennedy's inagural address

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