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CFD Related Job Resources

These are all good career sites covering fields closely related to CFD.
CFD Jobs Database [GOOD]
A forum where Universities, Companies and Organizations advertise open positions in the field of CFD. This is the best place on the net to look for CFD jobs. The service is used by most major CFD companies to recruit new personnel. If you haven't seen it you should definitely check it out. It is a service provided by this web site.
CFD Job Feeds, CFD Online [GOOD]
Aggregated job ads from several online sources. Gives you a nice overview of CFD jobs advertised throughout the internet. You can quickly preview all job ads if you hoover over the titles.
ASME Career Development
Many articles about career development within our field.
CFD Recruitment
A small U.K. based company specializing in CFD recruitment.
SciComp Web Pages, Job Opportunities
A list of open positions in scientific computing provided by the German Scientific Computing Web Pages. Biased towards Germany and research positions. It's free and updated regularly.
AMS, Careers and Employment
Career information provided by the American Mathematical Society. Has employment listings, a lot of links and general career information. Biased towards math and academia. Has a few CFD related jobs now and then, but I couldn't find any now (May, 2011).
SIAM Job Board
Job offerings from SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) News. Very much biased towards academia and numerics.
TIPTOP Jobs On-Line
A job list for physicists. Back in 1995 this was one of the first really usefull job resoures for physicists. TIPTOP was long ago bought by IOP and they still have it open, although without the nice old WWW interface.
Meshing Jobs Database
Advertising open positions in the field of mesh and grid generation. This is a free service offered by the Meshing Research Corner in cooperation with CFD Online. Editor is Steven J. Owen.
Coastal & Ocean Engineering Jobs Database
Advertising open positions in the field of coastal and ocean engineering. This is a free service offered in cooperation with CFD Online.
Career information related to science, math and engineering. Has a large link section and also individual job postings.
Science Careers
Ads published in the journal Science. Might have something related to CFD.
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Specific Companies & Organizations

This is just a few pointers to companies and organizations that often have open CFD positions advertised on the web. It is impossible to include everything here and this list is in no way complete, but it's enough to keep you surfing for a while. Most of the companies listed here do, however, use the CFD Jobs Database.
ANSYS Careers
Ansys is the largest CFD software vendor and are developing both the Fluent and the CFX packages. They have CFD related offices in Lebanon NH USA, Harvell U.K., Waterloo ON Canada, Bangalore India, Germany and many other places.
AVL Jobs and Careers
AVL is an Austrian company specializing in development tools for powertrain systems and internal combustion engines. They sell several CFD codes for the automotive industry (AVL-FIRE, AVL-SWIFT, AVL-FAME, ...). Occasionally they offer jobs related to CFD code development and applications. Their main office is in Graz, Austria with worldwide affiliates. The US location is Plymouth, MI (near Detroit).
Boeing Careers
A central employment page for the Boeing Company and its subsidiaries. It's a huge company, and it takes some digging to find CFD jobs. You can submit your resume to them if you can't find any interesting jobs now. I wish they would post their CFD jobs in the CFD Jobs Database also, but I guess they are "too big" for that.
CERFACS, Open Positions
Jobs at the European Centre for Research and Advanced Training in Scientific Computation. An organization based in France.
CD-adapco Jobs
CD-adapco is a big general purpose CFD code vendor. Their main product is the STAR-CD code. Their main office is in London, United Kingdom. In the US, CD-adapco has a large CFD consultancy service in Melville on Long Island outside New York. They also have an office in Detroit, Michigan.
CFD Research Corporation, Careers
CFD Research Corporation often have CFD related jobs. Their main office is in Huntsville, Alabama, USA. CFDRC used to develop and sell general purpose CFD codes (CFD-ACE and Fastran). This part of the business has now been sold to ESI Group
Eloret Corporation, Employment Opportunities
Eloret Corporation is a small firm offering research and engineering contract and consulting services to clients in government, industry and academia. Their main major focus has been to run the Thermosciences Institute at NASA Ames. You can often find CFD related jobs here.
ESI Group, Careers
ESI specializes in virtual prototype testing. They also sell general purpose CFD codes like CFD-Ace and Fastran. Their main office is in Rungis, near Paris in France.
Exa Careers
Exa is a CFD code vendor specializing in lattice-gas methods. So far most of their clients have been from the automotive industry. Their main office is in Lexington MA, USA. They also have a European branch.
General Electric, Career Site
A whole site with information about how to make a career at GE. GE is a huge company and also a big employer of CFD engineers. You can find CFD jobs in for example GE Aircraft Engines and GE Power Systems. If you do some digging you can find individual job posts. I wish they would post their CFD jobs in the CFD Jobs Database also, but I guess they are "too big" for that.
Lockheed Martin Jobs
A big player in the defense and aerospace industry. Has a lot of opportunities for CFD engineers, but it can be a bit tricky to find them here.
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Jobs
This is where it all started once upon a time. You can still find a few CFD jobs at this cradle of CFD research.
NUMECA Career Opportunities
Jobs at NUMECA. Their main office is in Brussels, Belgium.
Pointwise Open Positions
Pointwise develops and sells the Pointwise and Gridgen mesh generation softwares.
Simulia, Dassault System Jobs & Careers
Might have a few CFD positions. Formerly knon as Abaqus.
United Technologies Research Center, Careers
UTRC is a large research organizations serving companies like Pratt & Whitney, Carrier and Sikorsky. Their head office is in East Hartford, Connecticut, USA. You can sometimes find open CFD positions there, mainly in the "Aeromechanical, Chemical and Fluid Systems" section.
ViGYAN Employment Opportunities
ViGYAN is a small company providing aerospace research and development services. Their main client is NASA Langley. The have developed ViGPLOT and VGRID. You might find one or two CFD related jobs here. Their main office is in Hampton, Virginia.

Link Lists

Career Centers at various Universities
A list of career development services in different US universities. By Jasmit Singh Kochhar, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
Yahoo! - Colleges and Universities
This very extensive list of colleges and university around the world is a good place to start if you are looking for a specific region or school.
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General Career Resources

This section has a few pointers to general career resources that can be useful. You'll probably find more complete and current information by following the links.

Job-Link Collections

Yahoo! - Business and Economy > Employment and Work > Careers and Jobs
Not the most well structured information, but it's a good place to start surfing. Has separate pages that cover specific fields and regions.
JobHunt [GOOD]
A meta-list of online job-search resources and services. Easy to use with a logic structure. Has a good coverage of high-tech and higher-education areas.
The Riley Guide [GOOD]
A comprehensive list of job resources on the Internet. Well structured and one of the first good job guides. Has been on the net since 1994 and it is still maintained regularly, just like CFD Online :-)
Career Resource Center
Links to jobs, employers, business, education and career service professionals on the web, plus helpful career resources: bibliographies, software lists, publications, resource evaluations, event calendars, etc. Thousands of links and very complete, but the layout is a bit confusing.

Job and Resume Banks

If you are looking for CFD jobs in big companies you should search these general sites. Smaller CFD companies seldom use these services, but companies like GE and Boeing use them frequently. This is a selection of the sites that we have found to be the best. For a more complete list check for example the Sites with Job Listings section of the The Riley Guide.
Indeed [GOOD]
A large and growing job search engine.
"CFD" Job Hits: > 1,000 , Checked: Jan 12, 2012
CareerCast [GOOD]
A large job database that has many nice CFD jobs.
"CFD" Job Hits: > 173, Checked: Jan 12, 2012 [GOOD]
A good site with an extensive database and a simple interface. You can search by keyword or browse by region or field. Used by many blue-chips like Boeing, Pratt & Whitney and General Electric. There is a simple interface to the monster database which makes it easy to search for CFD jobs all over the world: here:
"CFD" Job Hits: 123, Checked: Jan 12, 2012 [GOOD]
Has employer profiles, a jobs database and a resume bank online. Also hosts job-fairs. Offers the possibility to search newspaper employment ads from many big cities in the US.
"CFD" Job Hits: 117, Checked: Jan 12, 2012
Career Magazine [GOOD]
A well structured site with a nice layout and several good articles about how to improve your skills as a job seeker. Has a job bank and a resume bank online. Both include usenet news-posts from a wide range of job related newsgroups.
"CFD" Job Hits: 351, Checked: Jan 12, 2012
Fomerly called DirectEmployers. Has a large job-database that points you directly to the employer website.
"CFD" Job Hits: 316 + 1,726, Checked: Jan 13, 2012
A large job database that seems okay.
"CFD" Job Hits: 870, Checked: Jan 13, 2012
A huge database that will give you a lot os possible jobs and also a lot of not so interesting jobs.
"CFD" Job Hits: > 1,000, Checked: Jan 13, 2012
A job search engine that works quite well
"CFD" Job Hits: 246, Checked: Jan 13, 2012

Job Newsgroups
College Grad, USenet Jobs Newsgroups
Links to Google Groups archives of most job-related newsgroups.
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