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Metacomp FAQ/Solution Re-interpolator

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What is it?

This tool is a solution re-interpolator, which is intended to take the solution on an existing mesh and interpolate that solution to a new mesh. Cell centroids in the new mesh which lie outside the domain of the old grid are initialized by marching data from interior cells that were successfully interpolated.

When should I use it?

This tool can be used when you wish to transfer the existing solution from one mesh (old) to a another mesh (new). The old and new meshes must have the same geometry in general but can have a different number of distribution of grid points. This tool is especially handy if you want to perform a grid convergence study on three meshes, say a course, medium and fine mesh. The solution from course mesh could be interpolated onto the medium mesh then from the medium mesh to the fine mesh in order to significantly reduce the convergence time.

Running from the GUI

Preparation Steps

In order to make things clear we will establish a naming convention. We will call the existing solution, the one we are interpolating FROM, the OLD solution. We therefore call the solution we are interpolating TO, the NEW solution.

1. First rename the following files in the NEW solution folder:

 cellsin.bin -------> new_cellsin.bin
 nodesin.bin -------> new_nodesin.bin

2. Copy theses two files from the NEW solution folder to the OLD solution folder

Running the Tool

To initiate the tool from the GUI go to Tools -> CFD++ Solution Tools -> Solution Re-interpolator. The following window will appear:


3. Leave the default values and select the "Run Tool" button to start the run.

Post Run Steps

4. Copy the new_cdepsout.bin file from the OLD solution folder to the NEW solution folder.

5. Remove the new_ appendage from each of the following files:


Running from the Command Line

Preparations Steps

The preparation steps are identical to steps 1-2 above.

Running the Tool

Use the following command

reintsom new_cellsin.bin new_nodesin.bin new_cdepsout.bin cdepsout.bin

Post Run Steps

The post run steps are identical to steps 4-5 above.

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