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FENSAP-ICE is an aid-to-certification tool to achieve in-flight icing protection. FENSAP-ICE is a Virtual (Wind + Icing) Tunnel that simulates aerodynamics and icing: flow, impingement limits, ice shapes, aerodynamic performance and anti- and de-icing heat loads.

  1. 3D clean or contaminated body parallel CFD solver, with automatic mesh optimization ( FENSAP + OptiGrid )
  2. 3D Eulerian (one-shot) droplet impingement model ( DROP3D )
  3. 3D ice shape prediction model ( ICE3D )
  4. 3D conjugate heat transfer model for hot air and electro-thermal de-icing ( CHT3D )

FENSAP solves:

  1. 3-D complex flows
  2. Steady and unsteady
  3. Compressible flows
  4. Inviscid and viscous turbulent
  5. With automatic grid displacement around iced airfoils
  6. With automatic mesh optimization ( OptiGrid )
  7. Fixed and rotating frames of references, such as for flow-through rotors and propellers

DROP3D is the 3-D Eulerian (one-shot) droplet impingement module of the FENSAP-ICE system. DROP3D accepts the flow solution from FENSAP, or other CFD codes, and solves fine-grain partial differential equations for droplet velocity and concentration everywhere in the field. While a few software vendors have attempted to duplicate the DROP3D formulation, many features and advances remain well garded secrets at NTI. DROP3D yields catch efficiency distributions, impingement patterns and shadowing limits for droplets over arbitrarily complex bodies or in internal passages.

ICE3D is the 3-D ice accretion module of the FENSAP-ICE system. ICE3D solves fine-grain partial differential equations for thermodynamics and yields the 3-D shape of ice and the water film thickness on complex 3D surfaces.

CHT3D is the 3-D conjugate heat transfer module of the FENSAP-ICE system, coupling convection and conduction across any number of fluid-solid interfaces. CHT3D solves fine-grain partial differential equations and yields all heat fluxes for de-icing or anti-icing hot air and electro-thermal systems. CHT3D can use structured, unstructured or hybrid grids that are matching or non-matching at fluid-solid interfaces.

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