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Cubit is a CAE pre-processor used to generate volume and surface meshes for CFD and FEA. Its main focus is large hex meshes for complex, interlocking assemblies. Mesh generation algorithms include quadrilateral and triangular paving, 2D and 3D mapping, hex sweeping and multi-sweeping, tet meshing, and various special purpose primitives. Cubit contains many algorithms for controlling and automating much of the meshing process, such as automatic scheme selection, interval matching, sweep grouping and sweep verification, and also includes smoothing algorithms.

Supported Formats

Cubit supports the following formats:

•ACIS sat, sab: Geometry import/export

•Pro/E: geometry import/export

•Neutral formats: STEP, IGES

•Facet formats: STL, AVS, facet

•Exodus II: native mesh format

•Abaqus, Patran : mesh and boundary condition export.

•NASTRAN BDF, IDEAS Universal, Dyna3D, Fluent: mesh format export only

•Translators: Patran, Abaqus, Pro/E, IDEAS, Matlab, ANSYS and others.

Support Platforms

Cubit is available for Linux 32/64; Windows 32/64, including XP, Vista, 7; Mac OS X versions 10.5+ (32 bit only)

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