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CaNS -- A code for fast, massively-parallel direct numerical simulations (DNS) of canonical flows

CaNS (Canonical Navier-Stokes) is a code for massively-parallel numerical simulations of fluid flows. It aims at solving any fluid flow of an incompressible, Newtonian fluid that can benefit from a FFT-based solver for the second-order finite-difference Poisson equation in a 3D Cartesian grid. In two directions the grid is regular and the solver supports the following combination of (homogeneous) boundary conditions:

  • Neumann-Neumann
  • Dirichlet-Dirichlet
  • Neumann-Dirichlet
  • Periodic

In the third domain direction, the solver is more flexible and allows for a non-uniform grid (e.g. fine at the boundary and coarser in the center).

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