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Job Record #19117
TitleOptimization of passive control techniques : CFD & IA & Exp
CategoryPhD Studentship
EmployerIMT Nord Europe
LocationFrance, Haut-de-France, Douai
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure DateWednesday, May 15, 2024
Full Title : Coupling experiments and CFD for low-cost optimization of passive
control techniques: contributions of Frugal Artificial Intelligence to
the study of complex flows

The efficiency of passive techniques for flow control is of main importance for several fields interested in
optimizing the performance and efficiency of fluid and/or thermal components of many engineering systems
(i.e automotive). Nowadays, in the framework of fluid mechanics, experimental measurements and advanced
numerical methods are capable not only of an accurate general description of flow characteristics, but can also
guarantee high spatiotemporal resolutions analysis of complex physical phenomena. While real-world case
studies demonstrate the tangible benefits of these achievements, they unfortunately involve high costs due to
heavy data processing, which is time-consuming and resource-intensive. Particularly when dealing with
complex three-dimensional flows and designs, this often leads to too costly and non-affordable optimization
approaches. In the global worldwide framework of the inevitable double carbon constraint (energy-climate),
the main objective of this PhD project is to develop a low-cost methodology for developing and analyzing
passive flow control techniques based on cutting-edge coupling of experimental and CFD (Computational Fluid
Dynamics) via Frugal Artificial Intelligence tools. This innovative method will be applied to devices such vortex
generators, which produce longitudinal vortical flow structures and are extensively employed in various passive
configurations. This low-tech intensification technique can be seen as a paramount for multiple applications in
fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, heat and/or mass transfers. Developing such an efficient approach implies an
in-depth examination of the physics of the flow phenomena involving vorticity generation, and a robust and
low-cost optimization procedure to achieve optimal performance and efficiency


Based on the strong research background and expertise of both partners (CERI EE - IMT Nord Europe and (LMFL
- ENSAM), we will conduct experimental and numerical works combined to frugal Artificial Intelligence approach
to propose an innovative tool for design optimization leading to innovative and cost-effective designs, following
the research plan below:
• Conducting cutting-edge experimental measurements (Stereo-PIV, LDA 3D) to identify the dominant
flow mechanisms involved in vorticity generation (flow separation, vortex formation, flow
reattachment, vortex breakdown and vortex instabilities) under various flow regimes, including the
laminar/turbulent transition.
• Development and implementation of Frugal Artificial Intelligence within the numerical platforms
previously developed
• Parametric shape optimization using Frugal AI method and experimental validation leading to costeffective designs that have the potential for flow control and transfer intensification applications
• Writing scientific articles and participate to conferences
• Educational mission: teaching practical works, manage students research projects

This PhD project is intended for a candidate currently in their final year of undergraduate studies or a recent graduate with a degree in engineering or a Master's program, who is interested in pursuing a doctoral thesis.
The candidate's academic background should have a predominant focus in fluid mechanics. Some skills in experimental testing (velocimetry), programming and computer science will be greatly appreciated.

- Possibility of partial teleworking
- Exceptional working environment
- Plenty of holiday
- Collective catering on site
- Public transport paid for home-work journeys (75%)
- Sustainable mobility package (for car-pooling or cycling)
- Family supplement based on family composition
- Wide range of social benefits (1st installation compensation, financial aid, holiday vouchers, etc.)
- Stimulating innovation ecosystem (start-ups, students, research, businesses)

To apply, please connect to our recruitment platform via the following link :

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NameSouria Hamidouche
Email ApplicationNo
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Last Modified15:34:02, Monday, April 22, 2024

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