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Job Record #19021
TitleOptimization of Carbon Sequestration in Porous Reservoirs
CategoryPhD Studentship
EmployerINSA Rouen Normandie
LocationFrance, Normandie, Rouen
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure DateWednesday, May 15, 2024
This project is simply a start of a new direction of collaboration between one of the main French laboratories 
(CORIA laboratories) and one major international Canadian institute (Sherbrooke University) in training and 
research, in one of the main research priorities of Normandie Region, i.e. towards zero carbon society. 

This project addresses the global challenge of reducing carbon emissions in alignment with the Paris Climate 
Agreement's goal of limiting global warming. Focusing on carbon sequestration, we aim to capture and store 
CO2 emissions from major sources like steel, power, and cement plants. By utilizing abandoned coal mines 
and innovative technologies, the project explores the potential to store at least 41.6 billion tons of CO2. 
Economic, regulatory, and technological challenges exist, but France and Canada, with their strategic 
resources, are promising candidates for this project implementation.

The project's core challenge involves understanding complex fluid flow and transport phenomena in porous 
media during CO2 geo-sequestration. Current limitations in predicting reservoir behavior stem from the vast 
temporal and spatial scales at play. Current project proposes a novel approach, employing an innovative 
pore-scale model to simulate CO2 injection into porous media, considering the unique thermodynamic states 
of CO2 and H2O. Unlike conventional methods, we propose an improved equation-of-state formulation to 
ensure more accurate predictions, addressing critical and supercritical regions. This is done after the 
meticulous validation of the models with laboratory data of the Candian partner. This project represents an 
innovative approach to carbon sequestration, leveraging abandoned mines and advanced technologies to 
address the global imperative of reducing carbon emissions in the pursuit of a sustainable future.

The accepted candidate will spend 18 months in INSA Rouen Normandie, France and 18 months in University 
of Sherbrooke, Canada. The PhD position is fully funded for both stays in France and Canada. The successful 
candidate will receive two PhD degrees (1 from each institute).

We are looking for a strong candidate who will be able to become fully involved with the project, with a thirst 
for knowledge, a certain independence of thought and strong motivation and a very good background in the 
field of CFD and high-performance computing. For following skills are essential for the candidate:

•	Recent Master degree in the field of fluid mechanics/chemical/environmental engineering specializing in 
Computational Fluid Dynamics;
•	Sound knowledge of programming languages (C/C++/Fortran, etc..), ideally with experience in Lattice 
Boltzmann method(LBM)  and High Performance Computing;
•	Previous production of data analysis for a massively parallel code is a big plus;
•	Fluent English, both written and spoken;
•	Ability to work in a team on multi-disciplinary projects 

Interested candidates are encouraged to send their CV, at least 1 recommendation letter and the list of 
passed courses with their GPA to Dr. Shadloo by mid May 2024 ( ).

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NameMostafa Shadloo
Email ApplicationYes
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Last Modified01:13:53, Friday, March 01, 2024

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