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Job Record #19000
Titlehigh-fidelity simulation of cryogenic flames
CategoryPhD Studentship
EmployerConfunded by CNES and ONERA
LocationFrance, Essonne, Palaiseau
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure DateFriday, March 15, 2024
The atomization of liquid oxygen in rocket engine combustion chambers is a driving phenomenon for combustion instabilities and engine efficiency. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is complex to investigate as experimental measurements at high pressure cannot characterize the whole two-phase flow, and high-fidelity simulations need extensive and expensive simulation to achieve acceptable accuracy. Besides, they can hardly consider all the other complex phenomena occurring in the chamber. Collaborating with CNES, ONERA has developed numerical methodologies and models to improve the accuracy of the numerical simulations of liquid atomization and cryogenic flames in rocket engine combustion chambers. They rely on Large-Eddy Simulation approach and Eulerian or Lagrangian dispersed phase approach for the spray, along with physics-based models to couple both approaches. The most recent improvements remain to be fully validated, and they may require further development to cover the full range of rocket engine operating conditions. The final objective of this thesis is to achieve unprecedented spray and flame prediction accuracy in realistic application cases. To this end, the first step is to validate the numerical methodology and modeling of primary atomization on an inert two-phase flow against existing experimental measurements. The models will be improved and adapted to the different atomization conditions they may face in practical applications. High-fidelity simulations will be used to offer reference results and a new physical understanding for model extension. Several variants of the numerical methods need to be compared to find the most robust and accurate one. In a second step, the retained methodology will be applied to simulate the cryogenic flame which was previously investigated on the ONERA MASCOTTE test bench. The accuracy of the entire modeling chain will be evaluated under conditions representative of rocket engines. At last, the models will be extended to a wide range of operating conditions, allowing the new CFD tool to accurately predict spray and flame interactions in all the relevant operating conditions of the engine. At the end of the thesis, the new numerical simulation capabilities must serve as a basis for studying the couplings between phenomena involved in the occurrence of combustion instabilities to predict and evaluate their effect on the combustion chamber. Thus, this thesis is part of the research approach shared by CNES and ONERA on the simulation of high-frequency combustion instabilities. ================= For more Information about the topics and the co-financial partner (found by the lab !); contact Directeur de th├Ęse -
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NameJean-Luc Estival├Ęzes
Email ApplicationYes
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Last Modified16:49:43, Tuesday, February 20, 2024

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