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Job Record #18979
TitleNumerical Simulation on liquid-gas flows
CategoryPostDoc Position
EmployerCORIA -CNRS- University of Rouen
LocationFrance, Rouen
InternationalYes, international applications are welcome
Closure DateSunday, March 10, 2024
Position:  Postdoctoral study in computational fluid dynamics

This is a job offer for a post-doc in the CORIA laboratory within the TASC 
Title: "Simulation of two-phase liquid-gas flows with a deformable interface and 
multi-scale approach from spray to waterfall".
The research themes developed in this research project concern simulation of 
liquid-gas flows with a highly deformable interface for multi-scale 
applications. These range from the injection of liquid fuel into engines on a 
scale of millimetres to the impact of swells or waterfalls due to dam 
overtopping on scales of several tens of meters. The numerical methods applied 
allow us to capture the liquid-gas interfaces and determine their deformations, 
the production of droplets for sprays or bubbles during aeration processes. The 
multi-scale nature of the problem means that physical models can be used to 
optimize the flow simulation, for example by replacing the complete simulation 
of a droplet with its Lagrangian tracking in a gas flow.

Two contracts support this research: 
•	An ANR France project JETPLUME to study the impact of a plunging jet by 
determining the quantity of air entrained beneath the surface, in collaboration 
with the LMFA in Lyon and the LEGI in Grenoble.  
•	 A European Horizon Europe FFLECS contract (partners: Universities of 
Florence, Salento, Naples, Cambridge and the Institutes of Technology of 
Karlsruhe, Zurich and Imperial College), on the simulation and modelling of 
liquid fuel injection for aeronautical gas turbines. 

Several contracts are involved, allowing a duration ranging from 7 months to 
more than two years. 

Host team: 
The thesis will be carried out at the coria laboratory in the TASC department. 
More specifically, you will be working in a team of around ten people 
specialising in digital simulation. 

Experience acquired during the project: 
- Numerical simulation of flows (CFD = Computational Fluid Dynamic) 
- Gas turbine 
- Multi-scale simulation 
- International experience

Career after the post-doc : 
•	In industry in engineering or in a research and development department 
in numerical simulation of flows: aeronautics, automotive, energy and in all 
fields requiring flow simulations.  
•	On a post-doctoral contract in France or abroad 
•	In academic research as a researcher or teacher-researcher  

The gross salary is between €2900 and €4000 gross per month (net salary €2400 to 
€3400), which allows you to live comfortably given the costs in the Rouen area 
Working language: Given the international context it is necessary to be fluent 
in written and spoken English in the professional environment  

Profile required: 
•	PhD in fluid mechanics 
•	Experience in CFD 
•	Strong programming skills

Contact Information:
Please mention the CFD Jobs Database, record #18979 when responding to this ad.
Email ApplicationYes
AddressPr. François-xavier Demoulin
CNRS UMR 6614 CORIA - ESITech - Université de Rouen Normandie France
Site Universitaire du Madrillet
BP 12
F-76801 St Etienne du Rouvray cedex
Record Data:
Last Modified17:45:21, Wednesday, February 07, 2024

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