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News & Announcement Forum Functionality

Answers to a few common questions about the functionality of the forum.

  1. I posted a message and all my line-breaks got mixed-up, why?

    The forum automatically removes all single line-breaks in order to allow each user's own browser to do automatic line-wrapping that fits the window-width. This gives the best apperance for most users, as long as the message is in plain-text. If the message contains source-code, tables etc. it will cause trouble - see below. Double line-breaks are converted to paragraph breaks.

  2. How can I post preformatted text like source-code and tables?

    Surround the preformatted part of the message with <PRE> and </PRE> tags.

  3. How do I include a link to a web page in my message?

    The forum automatically hot-links all web-addresses, so you can just write the address in your message and the forum will create a link to that address. You can also write the link in HTML code, if you know and prefer that.

  4. Can I include a picture in my message?

    Yes, but you have to know how to put the picture on your own web-server and how to link to it in your post using a HTML code. Use of this is discouraged though since it makes the forum dependent on externally linked pictures that might dissapear in the future.

  5. Can I use HTML when I post a message?

    Yes, but please be careful not to break the page layout if you do so. The scripts add a few HTML codes automatically so don't try to build a whole HTML page yourself. Boldfaces, fonts, links, lists etc. is fine. The script translates all blank lines to new paragraphs so be careful with that. Posts that abuse this possibility will be removed. Use the preview function to check how it looks before you post.

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