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The goal of CFD-Wiki is to create the ultimate Computational Fluid Dynamics reference. To reach this goal we need your help. So please don't hesitate, contribute something today! CFD-Wiki is written collaboratively by the visitors of CFD Online. Hundreds of authors are constantly improving the content. CFD-Wiki was launched publicly on Nov 20, 2005. Already the Wiki contains more than 570 articles. If you have any questions or comments about CFD-Wiki please feel free to post a message on the Wiki discussion forum.

What is a Wiki?

A Wiki is a web-site which allows anyone to edit and expand its content. The Wiki process, allowing everyone to modify everything, might seem chaotic and unreliable, but it has proved very successfull. The most well-known and pioneering Wiki, Wikipedia, has quickly become the largest encyclopedia in the world.

A Wiki community can quickly create something which is larger and better than any single author would be able to write on his own. The Wiki software MediaWiki, used in CFD-Wiki, has many features to control and facilitate the collaboration. All articles have full revision control and incorrect or malicious edits can easily be reverted by others. The content of CFD-Wiki is free and belongs to the worldwide CFD community by which it was created. For more information about copyrights see the copyrights page.

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